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Welcome to Snapper Slapper Fishing Products ®™ and Hooks +Plus®™. We have combined resources to bring you the most versatile offshore fishing lures and a full line of fishing hooks for every fishing type; all from one source. You can browse the Web Site and see all the lures designed and manufactured by Snapper Slapper Fishing Products ®™ and Hooks Plus including the Snapper Slapper® ™ 7oz, 5oz and 3oz, The Snapper Slapper Junior® ™ ½ oz and ¼ oz, The Jet Screamer™ 7 oz. and 5 oz, Cedar Plugs, Superchargers® ™ and the line of fishing hooks . 

All Snapper Slappers™ and Jet Screamers® ™ include our planning wing head and all baits are fully rigged. Browse the Web Site to see pictures and descriptions including sizes, weights and color combinations.The 2012 Snapper Slappers have a new hook design to prevent binding and feature our Snap-It-On Hooks system. Shop securely using our Online Store and Shopping Cart and save significantly by purchasing manufacturer direct. You will also find our products at several major retail outlets. See Retail Packaging Here

Click here for a note from Captain Woody Woodward – President of Snapper Slapper Lures®™.